Luis Cangueiro was born in Prado Gatão, municipality of Miranda do Douro. He undertook his further education in Bragança, and in 1962 entered the Faculty of Letters, University of Coimbra where he obtained a degree in Classical Philology. He is one of the founders of the Photographic Society of the Students’ Union, ran the Faculty’s Choir and was involved with the organisation of the traditional ceremony of the Burning of the Ribbons. He undertook military service in Mafra, Santarém and Mozambique, where he was mobilized in 1969 as a cavalry lieutenant. He began his professional activity in 1971 as professor at the National College of Bragança as well as becoming director of the Calouste Gulbenkian students residence. In 1977 he was appointed full professor at the School Emidio Navarro in Almada.

Because of the "Ariston" in the house where he was born and the memories of this music box he acquired the first piece of his collection in 1986. From 1988 he follows a business pathway and his collection begins to grow. His connection to music, collector spirit, and an interest in antiques combined with a great enthusiasm for the sound and mechanical system of these instruments encouraged him to gather this collection which consists of all diversities of mechanical music.